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Learn more about ADM's efforts in innovation and sustainability, and our impact in communities around the globe.

Strive 35: ADM's Plan to Carry Us Forward Sustainably

Strive 35. It’s how we’re moving forward with our news goals to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, energy intensity by 15%, water intensity by 10%, and achieve a 90% landfill diversion rate, all by 2035. Read more.

Three Takeaways from ADM's Climate Week Panel on Sustainability and Growth

To kick off Climate Week NYC 2020, ADM and CDP co-hosted an online panel discussion, Nourishing Resilience: ESG as a Tool for Sustainable Food and Ag Growth. We brought together thought leaders from across the global food value chain and the ESG measurement community to examine how responsible sourcing practices can build a more resilient and sustainable food system. We also delved into the importance of ESG performance as a driver of sustainable growth, the latest ESG trends and updated best practices in the current landscape. Read more.

How ADM Supports Smallholder Vanilla Farmers

Almost 80% of the world’s vanilla is sourced from Madagascar, where it’s produced and collected from villages in a complex supply chain. Through SAVAN, our joint venture partnership with Sahanala, we are the industry’s first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans, rooting our supply chain at the origin source. Read more.

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